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For the past decade, Maeve Fitzpatrick has started every January 1stwith the creation of a New Year’s Resolution list, always with the intention of bettering herself. List after list, month after month, year after year, items remain unaccomplished and, eventually, forgotten. 

After trading her small town on Florida’s Gulf Coast for the crowded streets of New York City and underestimating the struggles of living on her own, Maeve decides to follow her list to a T this year, no matter what it takes. 

The ‘just graduated from college’ thing seemed difficult on its own but when a pompous boss, relationship problems, being overworked in a cutthroat industry, losing friendships, bouts of jealousy, and another overseas deployment get added to her plate, she can’t avoid the temptation of booking a one-way flight back to Florida. 

Will help from handwritten letters, video chats, new friends, and her always-supportive family, allow Maeve to successfully navigate a

new life in a new city?

"Where is Dodging Raindrops headed?"

Dodging Raindrops Map.jpg

I wouldn't have been able to turn my dream into my reality with the love and support I've received from my family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers. Thank you so much for supporting my dream - let's fill in this entire map! 

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"Such a fun book to read!" - M. Vardi, New York

"A very good worthwhile read. Well written, captivating, and engaging are just some of the words that can be used to describe this wonderful story. Once you pick it up, you won't want to put it down. Time will fly by as you get lost in an everyday adventure that will make you feel like you are right there in the story. Instead of looking on Netflix to binge watch a show, give Dodging Raindrops your time and attention. You won't be disappointed!" - John, New Jersey

"A reset of mentality and perspective. I purchased this book for my teenage daughter. As we know, that can be a crossroad for many young girls. Hoping to show a post-millennial teenage girl 'all is not so bad in the world, you just need to change the optics.' My daughter not only read through the book quickly, she asked deep questions about how the book mirrored her own feelings. What a win. I may have to read it now to engage with her.... Well, Megan, great job and Thank You for helping to add insight to a young girl in her teenage years." - Creed, Florida

"Intriguing and a must-read! This book captured me right from the beginning and I could not put it down. Maeve's journey was intriguing and I enjoyed the story. Looking forward to more from this author." - Jean A., New York

"Great beach read! Megan blew me away with this novel! I so enjoyed every chapter and read it in almost one sitting... You can really picture and imagine the places and characters. I can't wait for more!" - Brittany, Ohio

"You get sucked into this story! I enjoyed reading this story very much, it felt like I was being sucked right into Maeve's world and was experiencing everything with her. It was a hard-to-put-down book that I will be recommending to all of my friends!" - Unknown 


"Not being an avid reader, I can honestly say that I enjoyed the book from start to finish. Megan keeps you interested in each of the characters from chapter to chapter, which kept me interested in reading the book from start to finish. Congratulations to Megan on publishing her first book!" - Unknown


"As I read it, I felt encouraged to reflect on my own younger days, the similarities between me and my sons' generation and the differences, the many steps we take into adulthood, the lessons we learn along the way, how we handle them and what we allow to defend us. Characters and locations were clearly portrayed as if I knew them. Beautifully written. It leaves you wondering what is next in Maeve's life - a fun and easy read!" - Laureen, New York


"I loved it. I was so curious how it was going to end. So well done. So anxious to see where the author takes these character next. The author had such a wonderful balance between dialogue and action. It flows naturally. Keep going, you have a real gift!!!" - Melissa, Maryland


"A truly great story! I found myself rooting for the characters and  I can't wait for a sequel! Well written. A great beach read!!" - Mary, Kansas

"I just finished Dodging Raindrops. Excellent! It has some very emotional moments. So insightful and relatable." - Unknown


"A great read for anytime/anywhere! What a great summer read... read it in one day at the beach! The downside of finishing is now I want more! I sure hope there's a sequel or two and a prequel!" - Andi S. 


"Amazing story! The storyline was amazing. I never wanted to put the book down. I also felt as if I was part of it too, like someone was sitting in front of me telling me their life. I wanted the book to keep going! Obvious talent in the author!" - Unknown


"This book kept my interest from beginning to end. Great character development. I hope the author plans to write a sequel." - Deborah, Florida


"Perfect beach read! I loved this book. So many details that it felt like I was in NYC. I read it in 2 days because I couldn't put it down. I hope there's a sequel because I want to know what happens next!" - Jennifer, New York

"Despite the fact that I am an admittedly slow reader, I breezed through this inaugural novel over the weekend! While I can appreciate the target audience most likely was not males age 60+, I truly enjoyed it. I was impressed by your ability to build a spectrum of characters throughout the story. In all honesty, during my read, I was continuously trying to figure out which of your real life experiences were reflected on the pages. Thanks for the journey this weekend!" - Stu, New York


"I want a sequel! I really enjoyed this author's debut novel - the characters came to life and I've found myself thinking about them now that I've finished the book. I want a sequel so I can see what happens to them next! Maeve reminds me a lot of myself when I first started working in the big city - confident and fun, but still wistful for the life she left behind. A great first book from this new author - will definitely keep an eye out for her next one!" - Kerry, New Jersey 


"Great read by a brand new author! From the start, Megan weaves a great story with very believable and relatable  characters. Follow the main character as she negotiates her way into adulthood with a first big job in the Big Apple. It's a story that captures you in the first chapter and quickly becomes a "just one more chapter" kind of book--I couldn't put it down!" - Ann, Pennsylvania


"A must-read this summer! It's been a while since I've found a book that has not only captured but kept my attention from start to finish, and Dodging Raindrops did just that. The main character Maeve, was incredibly relatable which made this a very enjoyable read. While Maeve was the main character of the story, Megan did an excellent job of developing all of the secondary characters as well, and by the end of the story, I felt like I truly knew each and every one of them. I was captivated by Maeve's story, always wondering what was going to happen next, and it was a joy to watch her navigate her journey to independence. Very excited to have found a new author and can't wait to see what she comes up with next!" - Megan, New Jersey


"Excellent character development! This book was the PERFECT escape, especially in these intense and challenging times. It held my attention from the first sentence and it was the first book in months that I actually stayed up to finish until the early morning hours. Megan Ciampo is a new author but her writing and character development is that of a seasoned author. I miss these characters already and I'm looking forward to this authors future work!!" - Lynn, New Jersey

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