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For the past decade, Maeve Fitzpatrick has started every January 1st with the creation of a New Year’s Resolution list, always with the intention of bettering herself. List after list, month after month, year after year, items remain unaccomplished and, eventually, forgotten.

After trading her small town on Florida’s Gulf Coast for the crowded streets of New York City and underestimating the struggles of living on her own, Maeve decides to follow her list to a T this year, no matter what it takes.

The ‘just graduated from college’ thing seemed difficult on its own but when a pompous boss, relationship problems, being overworked in a cutthroat industry, losing friendships, bouts of jealousy, and another overseas deployment get added to her plate, she can’t avoid the temptation of booking a one-way flight back to Florida.

Will help from handwritten letters, video chats, new friends, and her always-supportive family, allow Maeve to successfully navigate a new life in a new city?

Dodging Raindrops

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